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Cody Sharp

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As a reader of this article, I’m not sure where you fall in line.  Perhaps you love all things Apple, maybe you’re a tech geek, or possibly you are doing research about the iPad.  Whatever your reason for being here, please take no offense when I say that Apple typically uses all of its marketing to make sure consumers never ask why.  Their marketing strategy for the iPad seems the same way.  They didn’t add flash because they say you don’t need flash.  They don’t have a removable battery because you don’t need a removable battery.  They tell you what you need, how you should use their devices, what you can and cannot save on their devices, yet they sell you their device and tell you to make it your own.  Well hell Apple, I’d like to but you pretty much have limited what I can do in every single way.

Make sure you don’t ask why Apple does these things because you’ll hear things like; simplicity, easy of navigation, etc.  For me, those words aren’t positives, they are negatives when it takes away all ability to customize, add to and navigate a $500 piece of hardware.  One of the main things Apple’s marketing has sold everyone on is that its devices are different.  They sure are different.  In fact, by limiting the software your hardware can use, they are one of the only hardware developers in the world that controls not only what is inside their device but also what content is seen on it.

There is another example of a hardware manufacturer that does this.  The console companies; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all limit what games can be played on their systems.  Apple is building a model that is entirely reminiscent of the console gaming market.  But don’t ask why, they won’t tell us.  After all, limiting choices makes things simpler, easier and better for us average consumers.  Doesn’t it?

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