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Josh Cox

Categories: Features

Your dreams could be coming to reality as you read this. The website Redmond Pie is reporting that Flash/Frash can be ported to the iPhone 4. Also, according to outside sources there have been successful installations on the 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touches. Are you getting excited? You should be.

This website at the bottom will give you the low down on how to go through the install process and get Flash up and running on your device.

The site also has a video that shows an iPhone 4 running the alpha version of the software. Of course, to test out the new software the user in the video goes to the well-known Flash only site. Surprise! Everything loads and worked properly.

Just a quick disclaimer, you do have to jailbreak your device to get this awesome feature. That will void the warranty but you can also always unbreak it right back if you have any issues.  Is it worth it? You tell me?

In the big picture, what is Apple going to do about this? They have already lost the court case about jailbreaking but does this cross into uncharted territory? Now that Flash is pseudo involved are they going to step in?

Here’s the promised website, enjoy.

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