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The key to any great strategy game is that once it hooks you, a new challenge begins: the battle to stop playing! Who hasn’t strategically kept a Word document a mouse-click away to hide a tense round of Tetris when the boss walks by? Or couldn’t stop seeing Minesweeper flags surround the characters of The Hurt Locker? And admit it, the only reason you stay in touch so well with grandma is to own her ass in online Mahjong! Just me…?

iPhone 4 Reception Problem Fix

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Having just purchased my iPhone 4 late last week, I had no firsthand experience with the iPhone 4’s reported reception issues. That all changed shortly after its delivery by Fed Ex. I immediately noticed a huge difference between the iPhone 4's reception bars and the number of dropped calls when compared to my old 3GS...

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Super Streaker Pro

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It’s rare that a title bursts into our lives which is so outrageously offensive that it just might be unbelievably entertaining. The World Cup is in full swing, and as the international community celebrates their unifying pastime, many developers are creating intricate, imaginative soccer games in an attempt to capitalize on the epic event. What does Nemoid Studios do? They piece together a completely insane game featuring a deranged, naked fan whose ultimate goal is to slaughter players and security guards with an arsenal of wild weapon choices...

Super QuickHook

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When the successor to one of our favorite games to last year was announced, we were understandably delighted. Now that I have had the chance to play it for several hours, I can say it easily lives up to my high expectations and in some ways surpasses them. Super QuickHook is the sequel to last year's critically acclaimed Hook Champ. While the gameplay mechanics are similar in many ways, a few distinct additions and additions by subtraction have been added that make the game all the sweeter. Add in the terrific, updated graphics and it is truly a game that is worth getting...

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