Confirmed: Verizon to get the iPhone 4 – AT&T Grasps at Straws

By |2010-06-30T13:56:03-05:00June 30, 2010|Features|

Business Week and USA Today are just two of the news sources that are reporting that Verizon will be getting the new iPhone as soon as January. When the iPhone launches Verizon, dropped calls will be gone and left handed people will rejoice...

Constantly Dropping Calls on My iPhone 4…This Sucks

By |2010-06-30T09:59:49-05:00June 30, 2010|Features|

I wanted to give you an update to what I wrote about the other day about the iPhone 4. Yesterday, I had to do some real work. That meant using my brand spanking new iPhone to make and receive several calls throughout the afternoon. After writing that I hadn't dropped any calls at all in that feature piece...

My iPhone 4 Problems End with the Antenna

By |2010-06-29T10:43:47-05:00June 29, 2010|Features|

I didn’t wait in line for my new iPhone 4, I had it shipped to my apartment. So I missed out on all of the cool Apple chatter while waiting in line for hours only to see the smiling people walking by me with their new phones. But my day waiting for the UPS delivery person wasn’t a picnic either. They didn’t show up until 3 p.m. so I was stuck at home for most of the day...

Breaking News: Apple’s Unknown iPhone iOS 4 Details

By |2010-06-21T12:06:43-05:00June 21, 2010|Features|

If you have an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch 3rd generation, today is the big day; it's the launch of the iPhone OS 4 (otherwise now known as iOS 4). This upgrade has all of the crazy contraptions you are looking for in a new OS and the best part is - it is entirely free. For those of you with a 3G or older iPhone through, a bit of bad news - multitasking, along with several of the other new additions in the iOS 4 update, have not been implemented...

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iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Games; We Deserve Better

By |2010-07-01T11:35:08-05:00June 14, 2010|Features|

This morning I awoke to a nightmare. Surrounded by hundreds of Doodle characters and Scribble objects. My mistake, not a nightmare, just my inbox which is absolutely full of developers that want me to review their new game that starts with the word Doodle or is some type of Match 3 game. It's tiring because there are so many new things developers can bring to this market...

Apple’s iPhone 4 is $199 – Includes 4G, 2 Cameras, 720p HD Video

By |2010-06-07T14:26:22-05:00June 7, 2010|Features|

The new phone is totally redesigned. It is 24% thinner than the iPhone 3Gs. It is the thinnest smart phone on the market. Apple has used the new design to take the communication capabilities to the next level by using the metal band around the phone as an integrated antenna system for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, UMTS (4G technology), and GSM...

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