Flick Golf HD

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I am a golfer so I thoroughly enjoy golf games for my iPad and iPhone, however since I like to play them so much I have quite a few of them and have found that many golf games created for iDevices are not on par for the course, if you will. I was going to say “subpar” but that would mean, in golf terminology, that the game would be better than normal...

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Table Twister

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Table Twister is the newest multiplayer game from the developers at Vivid Games. To download this game you will need to search for Table Twister, however the game really consists of three mini games combined under one roof. Each of the mini games has a different theme, but they all share the same gameplay style and controls. In fact, all of the games are “drag and drop” based games where you and the rest of the players (up to four total) will compete over game pieces from a rotating game board that lies in the middle of the screen...

Word Lens – The Translation App that Could Change the World

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I woke up this morning to an email from a friend of mine. This certain friend is constantly in the “know.” He is always on message boards or reading the latest news articles. Waking up to one of his emails is not a new occurrence, this happens once or twice a week but I will hand it to him, usually when he sends me something it is worth knowing.

Civilization Wars

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Step into a time machine and blast off into ancient civilizations from centuries past. Arm yourself with spears and arrows to beat the enemy into submission while satisfying your thirst for complete conquest and control of the battlefield. Chillingo Ltd’s Civilizations Wars allows gamers to wage war against competing tribes while working your way North to retrieve the falling star which contains legendary knowledge and power. With a variety of scenarios, spells, and game options, this is one strategy title capable of keeping players locked in for hours on end.

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Our Best iPhone and iPad games of 2010

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Who's ready for iPhone Gamer Blog's Top Games of 2010? Embarrassingly, not us. That being said, look for a huge writeup in the coming week that will give you all the info you need to pick up this year's best iPhone and iPad action, sports, simulation and overall game of the year.

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Diet Defense

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Tower defense titles have pitted gamers against aliens, zombies, soldiers, and legions of other grotesque, bloodthirsty foes. Cannons, rocket launchers, machine gun turrets, and flamethrowers have seared the flesh of enemies while cutting down the next wave attackers dead in their tracks. If you’ve grown as bored as I have with these turnstile apps, Diet Defense takes the initial premise of a tower defense title and transforms it into a cheeky, amusing game which pits fruits and vegetables against junk food.

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