iPhone 5 is a Mobile Gaming Device First, Phone Second

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iPhones have been released for the last 4 years in a row starting with the first being released in 2007 on June 29th. The 3G followed on July 11th, 2008. The 3GS continued the annual release schedule by arriving on June 19th, 2009 and the most recent iPhone, the iPhone 4, arrived in the US on June 24th, 2010. History tends to repeat itself, especially at Apple. What are the chances that the iPhone is released in June or July of 2011? Absolutely, positively 100%...

Tap Animal

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The premise of Tap Animal is to tap the correct picture before all of the pictures change. The first level, for example highlights (with a yellow circle) which picture to tap. This level is very easy, however, as the levels progress they get difficult. The game stops highlighting the pictures for you and makes you actually look through the small pictures and find what you are looking for...

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Greedy Bankers

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A perfectly titled game considering the current state of domestic and overseas economy, Greedy Bankers is one of the latest puzzle titles to grace iPhone users’ super-sensitive screens. Fast paced and quick moving, this game from Alistair Aitcheson draws influence from more classic titles such as Dr. Mario, Bejeweled, and Diamond Mine, as piles of gleaming jewels drop onto the screen for your grubby hands to collect. Armed with a keen eye and a propensity for hoarding all the cash in sight, players will find themselves acting like a kid in a candy store once entering the vaults within Greedy Bankers...

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Monster Mania

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Side scrolling adventure fans, start stretching out your thumbs, as Rock Pocket is here to deliver another installment of patience testing fun. Immersed deep into a misty, spooky world, it is your task to carry our slightly cute monstrous friend towards the finish line while avoiding enemies and seemingly endless amounts of pitfalls. While the graphics and sound flourish in a wonderfully Halloween-esque world, Monster Mania isn’t without a few ghoulish problems of its own...

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Flick Football

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I can honestly say, I’m addicted to this game. I got it about a week ago and I can’t stop playing it. Every free moment I get I pull out my phone and play. It was easy to learn but challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. There are multiple game modes that you can switch back and forth from but the real fun is in “The Big Game.”

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