Rope and Fly 2

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Rope n’ Fly 2 has been mentioned before on iPhone Gamer Blog. In fact, it was our 2009, 2nd Best Game of the Year. That's why I felt it was a good idea to give a little more detail about the game and how crazy fun it is. If you’re not familiar with the gameplay, it goes as follows. You swing from one skyscraper to the next, trying to either get as far as you can without falling or as far as you can in a certain amount of time...

Has Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars set the bar too high?

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After doing the review of GTA: Chinatown Wars I wanted to move on and start reviewing the next game in my queue. The problem was, I also really wanted to continue playing GTA: CW and there was another issue - I felt like any game I played immediately following GTA: CW wouldn't be as good...

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

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Bringing the biggest gaming franchise in the world to the iPhone/iPod Touch certainly took a lot longer than some people had hoped. Now that it's here, the biggest question is whether or not it can live up to its name. Grant Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is adapted from the PSP game of the same name. You play the "bratty" progeny of a recently killed Chinese gang leader. Your mission, come to the United States...

CatchMe! If You Can

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The development studio ODD1 deserves some kind of award for including not one, but two new ideas into their newest game, CatchMe! If you can. The gameplay is similar to Pac Man but the twist is that once you are caught, you become the chaser. This is very well done within the game. The second great idea is implemented in a way I have never seen before in a game, console, PC or otherwise...

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Battle Bears 1.5

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What makes this game so strange?  How about the fact that you play a brown bear that fights off, with crossbows, machine guns, and the like, a never ending hoard of cuddly pink, blue and orange bears who want nothing more than to hug you?  Does that strike you as a bit different?  Or maybe you would consider it strange that when you kill them, the advancing bear's heads come off and a rainbow...

Card Drop

By |2011-07-10T23:20:21-05:00January 15, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Like most good iPhone and iPod Touch games, the idea of Card Drop is fairly simple; it’s the execution that makes the game worth playing. In this case, it is the motion of the bottom card that adds to the difficulty. The gameplay revolves around touching and dragging one of your five cards...

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