Angry Birds

By |2011-07-10T23:17:14-05:00February 28, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Angry Birds is an iPhone/iPod Touch physics based game where you slingshot birds and try to take out enemy pigs. Despite sounding strange, it also probably sounds pretty easy. That is not the case at all. Precision and accuracy are mandatory in later levels. As the game progresses the pigs start wearing helmets and hide behind multiple layers of wood, stone, and glass. But have no fear...

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Thanks, You Make Doing This Fun

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Driving people to a new iPhone/iPod Touch review site like iPhone Gamer Blog is hard. In the last 2 months (2 months, 8 days to be exact) we have had 21,223 visits. That might sound like a lot but when you look at some of the competing websites out there; we’re still just small time. In that 2 months, this site has gone through 3 redesigns, we have ventured into buying ads through Facebook, Google and Yahoo ad search (We found out that though the ads were fairly cheap, they really didn't cause any recurring visits) and have used a variety of social media to get the word out about our site...

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Rocket Downhill Penguin

By |2011-07-10T23:17:28-05:00February 25, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

I was visiting my parents this weekend so I had my mom play and she loved it. She screamed and laughed and played for quite a while. Now keep in mind this is a woman who tried to make Mario, in the original Super Mario Brothers, jump by holding the controller over her head. She’s not a videogame player...

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Guerrilla Bob

By |2011-07-10T23:17:34-05:00February 24, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

For better or worse, most of Guerrilla Bob is a throwback to the golden years of arcade shooters. The good includes some nice humor and quick gameplay. Unfortunately some of the bad stuff from the old days has been thrown in as well; Over-used voice samples and re-used locations and graphics. You'll definitely have fun...

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By |2011-07-10T23:17:40-05:00February 23, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

This game is fun and kind of twisted! I don’t want to spoil the surprise of a full review but I like it. Thumpies is a music based iPhone/iPod Touch game where you must tap drums to the beat of falling Thumpies. Think, Tap Tap Revolution meets Alice in Wonderland on acid (or Tim Burtons’s AiW). I say this game is twisted because of the Thumpies themselves...

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