The Old Course

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Alright, so you’re searching for the latest golf game with just the right amount of realism, but not so mind bogglingly complicated you feel as if you’re actually standing under the burning sun at some course you paid far too much for the privilege to play on. If you play one more round of Wii Golf you might lose your mind, and purchasing the latest Tiger Woods title just sounds unsavory on more levels than one. Welcome in The Old Course with open arms, a golf game which seems to understand the delicate balance between realism and obnoxiousness...

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Fly vs. Car Brings Charity to the App Store

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Supporting a good cause has never been more fun. Today's release of Fly vs. Car signifies the only game on the App Store (as far as I know) that promises to give 50% of all profits on a continual basis to a charity named Child’s Play. Child's Play, founded in 2003 by the guys that make Penny Arcade, helps hospital-bound kids who are ill by sending games, movies and other neat stuff...

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Chillingo Offers Contest for Angry Birds Fans – Win a Free iPad

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San Francisco, CA. – July 14, 2010 – Leading downloadable game publisher, Chillingo, today announced its "Angry Birds Squawk Contest." With more than 5 million copies sold in six months, Angry Birds is the fastest selling iPhone game to date and continues to lead the Top 10 charts on App Stores worldwide.

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PacMan iPhone 4 Wallpaper

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This one has been often requested so it has been delivered. This has been making the rounds throughout the web. Simply download it to your iPhone 4 and set it as your background. If you are on a computer, right click and save as and add this pic to your iPhone via a sync. If you are on an iPhone, click on the image and click to save. You'll be able to have it on your iPhone 4's (using iOS 4) background. It's nice looking, cute and a must have for all of you Pac Man nuts out there...

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