iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad OS 4.0 Will Not Include Multitasking

By |2010-06-21T13:55:57-05:00February 19, 2010|Features|

OS 4.0 rumors for the iPod Touch and iPhone continue to swirl around. Many believe that its release will come in time for the launch of the iPad in late March. A lot of people believe that this will include the one really big feature that has been missing since the iPhone's first release, the ability to multitask...

Marketing Advice for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Developers

By |2019-10-25T08:05:47-05:00February 10, 2010|Features|

You are developing for a platform that is used by 70 million (best guess) people. That number is sure to expand. You are in a market that literally has a hundred thousand competitors. It can be hard to stand out. In fact, in some game genres – it seems impossible. The question is, how can you reach the most people with your latest...

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iPad: Death for Indie Developers?

By |2010-03-19T07:13:10-05:00February 1, 2010|Features|

I'm worried. One of the best parts of the App Store is that small, indie developers are able to make a huge impact when it comes to the gaming landscape. They are able to do this for a number of reasons. First, the iPhone/iPod Touch is fairly easy to develop for when compared to a PC or a Mac. Everyone is using the same operating system and system specifications...

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The iPad means the beginning of $20 – $30 games on App Store

By |2010-03-19T07:11:42-05:00January 29, 2010|Features|

If you were around on Wednesday you probably saw both Need for Speed Shift and NOVA were spoken about during Apple's presentation. These are optimized versions of their pre-existing iPhone apps. I have a feeling that the word optimized means more expensive as well...

Apple iPad, Pros and Cons

By |2010-03-19T07:10:08-05:00January 27, 2010|Features|

By now you have likely read many things about Apple's new iPad. I imagine some were good, some were bad. I wanted to do an old Ben Franklin style list, listing its pros on one side and its cons on the other side. Please let me know if I am missing something on either side. The end result of this list should be able to tell us whether or not the device makes sense to buy...

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