Soosiz HD

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This is an awesome game, think Mario Galaxy 2 but two dimensional and on the iPad. Soosiz is a platform based game where you play as a little orange circular character traveling through different worlds saving your friends and hopefully the world as you knew it before the “Evil” came...

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By |2011-07-10T23:31:39-05:00May 25, 2010|iPad Reviews|

W.A.R.P. or Wayward Asteroid Redirection Program, is a action game where you must protect the Earth from, you guessed it, asteroids. The game starts out with the Earth’s population at 10 billion and a timeline that slowly creeps into the future on the bottom of the screen. As the years pass the Earth’s population will grow, however if it takes a hit from an asteroid, the population will shrink...

Ultimate Mastermind HD

By |2011-07-10T23:31:44-05:00May 18, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Ultimate Mastermind HD is a videogame version of the popular and well known board game of the same name (only without the Ultimate). The gameplay is identical on both versions. If you are unfamiliar with Mastermind, the object of the game is to match colored pegs in the exact order that the computer places them...

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Doodle Bowling Pro

By |2011-07-10T23:31:52-05:00May 14, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Doodle Bowling is a simple, but fun bowling game with those doodle graphics that everyone seems to love. It’s a one-player game with only one option and that is to turn the sound effects on or off. On the game’s home screen there isn’t much to do except tap the big “Play” button. You can link Doodle Bowling with your Facebook account and keep track of you and your friend’s scores...

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By |2011-07-10T23:31:56-05:00May 13, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Ok, well think back to the arcade machine racer with the pedal and steering wheel, you know the one you always over steered on? This is just like it but the track is on the iPad and the wheel is your iPhone. How cool is that? You actually use the iPhone to control your car on the iPad. Editor: You need both an iPhone/iPod Touch and an iPad...

Galcon Fusion

By |2011-07-10T23:32:00-05:00May 13, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Galcon Fusion is single and multiplayer strategy game where you use your planets and ships to take over other nearby planets. To control a planet you must fly ships from one of your current planets to another planet not currently under your control. Once you have taken the planet over, you can use the ships on that planet to take over another planet and so on...

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By |2011-07-10T23:32:10-05:00May 8, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Addicus is an addition based game where you must quickly use basic math skills to complete timed problems. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, to make things a little more difficult the developers at Get Set added a color aspect to the game that adds (pun intended) a twist...

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