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Starball is a simple game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you roll around a green ball and gather stars. The obstacles are little red balls that move both horizontally and vertically. If you run into one of these red balls the game is over. As time goes on...

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The iPad means the beginning of $20 – $30 games on App Store

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If you were around on Wednesday you probably saw both Need for Speed Shift and NOVA were spoken about during Apple's presentation. These are optimized versions of their pre-existing iPhone apps. I have a feeling that the word optimized means more expensive as well...

Bungee Stickmen

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Bungee Stickmen, 2010: Space Edition is pretty well explained by its title alone. It is an physics based game for the iPhone/iPod Touch where you indirectly control a little stick figure that jumps from various platforms in a variety of locations. I say indirectly control because all you really do is choose the length of rope that the stickman uses on each jump...

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Apple iPad, Pros and Cons

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By now you have likely read many things about Apple's new iPad. I imagine some were good, some were bad. I wanted to do an old Ben Franklin style list, listing its pros on one side and its cons on the other side. Please let me know if I am missing something on either side. The end result of this list should be able to tell us whether or not the device makes sense to buy...

Firemint Announces Development of iPad Optomized Flight Control

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After today's iPad announcement by Apple, Firemint (developer of both Flight Control and Real Racing had their own announcement. In that release Firemint said, "We're delighted that we can now make our own announcement: we will bring an optimised and re-imagined version of Flight Control...

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