iPhone HD Confirmed for June 22nd and 4G Details

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One of the first days of summer, June 22nd, will mark the day Apple unveils their latest iPhone iteration, the iPhone HD. According to two reports from the Wall Street Journal and followed by Engadget, this date is no longer just a rumor but a fact. Apple shares even rose a bit upon the announcement...

Announcing a New Weekly Feature – Fantastic Freebies

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Free games number in the tens of thousands on the App Store and finding a good one has become really challenging. Starting today, we are going to make finding the good ones a little bit easier for you. Once per week we will put up a must download free title, otherwise known as a Fabulous Freebie...

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Chalkboard Stunts is a Fantastic Freebie

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Chalkboard Stunts is a basic iPhone/iPod Touch 2D car game where you are timed and must reach the end of the level, signaled by a checkered flag, in order to stop the clock. Chalkboard Stunts is an open level type game. In other words, you don’t have to beat one level to open another. You can select any level at any time...

Dungeon Run

By |2011-07-10T23:15:13-05:00March 29, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Dungeon Run is an iPhone/iPod Touch 3D maze game where you lead a leprechaun through each level using one of two control schemes available. You must dodge bear traps and other obstacles along the way. The bear traps and fire pits don’t move along with your movements, but the other objects, like rocks, ghosts, and monsters do...

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iPad Games to Raise the Bar – and the Price

By |2010-03-28T09:23:21-05:00March 27, 2010|Features|

Two months ago I wrote about iPad games. I stated that they would cost more their iPhone/iPod Touch counterparts when they were released. At the time of that article, there were quite a few naysayers. [gloating ]Call me Nostradamus because I was right [/gloating]. Touchreviews.net has an article on the iPad games that have been announced and all of them are quite a bit more expensive that their iDevice brethren...

Who Needs 4G? Opera Mini Browser Doubles Loading Speed on iPhone

By |2010-03-26T13:45:32-05:00March 26, 2010|Features|

The iPhone may not be 4G enabled anytime soon but the Opera Mini browser that has recently been submitted to Apple may make it a bit of a moot point. While 4G offers greater download speeds, the Opera Mini browser handles each page quite a bit differently than your standard Safari browser does..


By |2011-07-10T23:15:18-05:00March 26, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Burblefish is a tilt based iPhone/iPod Touch game in the vein of Doodle Jump. However, instead of jumping, you continuously fall towards a specific destination. This game is clearly meant for those who are beginning their voyage into the vast realm of the gaming world. Meaning, its gameplay is fairly simplistic...

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