Wal-Mart Prices 16 GB iPhone 3GS at $97- Words of Advice on iPhone HD

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With Wal-Mart’s price cut of the iPhone 3GS, people who have an older version of the iPhone may have a reason to buy a new one. The first generation of iPhone's will have no support for Apple's soon to be released OS 4 and even the 3G won't have full support of all of its new functionality...

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Hollywood Hospital

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The truth about Hollywood is that it’s made up of folks just like you or me but every once in a while they come into a hospital having turned into a Gorgon.  A normal hospital may not be able to handle something like this but a Hollywood Hospital is ready and waiting.  Your job, if you are able to stomach it, is save these movie stars from themselves...

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Truckers Delight

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Like reliving the games of the past in all of their pixilated glory? If so, Trucker's Delight may be for you (or maybe not). In the same vein as Outrun or any other racing game from the late 80's/early 90's comes the newest game from Mobigame. Truckers delight has one twist to the standard driving/racing game - your character is set in hot pursuit of a very attractive girl who flipped him off after he made an advance...

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Bio Army

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Yes, believe it or not, we are all about to enter the world of another tower defense style strategy game. For some reason, a stupefying amount of these games keep popping up around the iPhone gaming market, each with unique themes, weapons, and villains. Utilizing a number of twists and turns, each developer strives to strike gold with the next successful title, and Bio Army appears to be on the right path...

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Shifting Sands

By |2011-07-10T23:11:31-05:00May 27, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Welcome to Shifting Sands, a puzzle title which resembles those wooden labyrinth marble games you might have enjoyed as a kid. You’re character and tour guide through these mazes is in fact Shifting Sand, a mustardy yellow splotch with googly eyes and an expressionless mouth. Although not without its quirks, LagMac Studio created a basic, yet somewhat entertaining title...

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Soosiz HD

By |2011-07-10T23:31:33-05:00May 26, 2010|iPad Reviews|

This is an awesome game, think Mario Galaxy 2 but two dimensional and on the iPad. Soosiz is a platform based game where you play as a little orange circular character traveling through different worlds saving your friends and hopefully the world as you knew it before the “Evil” came...

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