Ultimate Mastermind HD

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Ultimate Mastermind HD is a videogame version of the popular and well known board game of the same name (only without the Ultimate). The gameplay is identical on both versions. If you are unfamiliar with Mastermind, the object of the game is to match colored pegs in the exact order that the computer places them...

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Tap Tap: Nirvana Revenge

By |2011-07-10T23:12:13-05:00May 17, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Dig out those old flannel shirts and Doc Martens, Tap Tap Revenge Nirvana is here! Featuring 13 classic songs from one of the most iconic bands in rock history, Tapulous scores another hit in their popular series of musical tapping fury titles. Four difficulty levels, multiplayer battle mode, and some bonus treats scattered throughout are just some of the features in this headbanging app...

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Strike Knight is a Fantastic Freebie

By |2010-05-17T11:21:04-05:00May 17, 2010|Fantastic Freebie|

It is that time again! Time for another guaranteed great game that also happens to be free. We call those games, Fantastic Freebies. We don’t waste your time with a full review; instead we guarantee they are great! Just read the quick synopsis below and fire up the App Store, it is time to have some fun with this week’s Fantastic Freebie!

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Doodle Bowling Pro

By |2011-07-10T23:31:52-05:00May 14, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Doodle Bowling is a simple, but fun bowling game with those doodle graphics that everyone seems to love. It’s a one-player game with only one option and that is to turn the sound effects on or off. On the game’s home screen there isn’t much to do except tap the big “Play” button. You can link Doodle Bowling with your Facebook account and keep track of you and your friend’s scores...

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The Rumor Mill – iPhone HD, Verizon, Gizmodo, 4G, and More

By |2010-05-14T15:16:26-05:00May 14, 2010|Features|

One of the things I have never understood about the tech savvy’s love for rumors is that they get upset when they don’t end up becoming reality. Look, rumors in technology are much like rumors you read in a celebrity gossip magazine...

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Tilt to Live

By |2011-07-10T23:12:28-05:00May 14, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

How can guiding a triangle around on a screen and doing your best to stay away from red dots be the basis for one of the most addictive iPhone/iPod Touch games to date? Tilt to Live answers that question in remarkable form. In the newest edition of the game, 3 modes are available that each offer different challenges and addiction. If this game is not this year’s indie game of the year, I don't know what is...

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Skate It

By |2011-07-10T23:12:38-05:00May 14, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Extreme sports and skateboarding sim enthusiasts, brace yourselves; as the revolutionary console game has finally been adapted for your mobile device. Realistic graphics, authentic skaters and brands, and a 12 song soundtrack are just some of the items to look forward to in the latest Electronic Arts iPod title. Using a similar control system to the console version, Skate It relies on a “flick it” system for tricks, which is highly unique, but not exactly the easiest thing to master...

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