Parcel Panic HD

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If you already have Parcel Panic for your iPhone or iPod, and you decided to buy an iPad, then guess what!? You get Parcel Panic HD for free. Just sync up your new iPad with the same computer you sync your iPhone then update the app on your iPad. This is a fantastic move by the developer and one that we would really like to see other developers adopt...

Thumpies XL

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humpies XL is a music/beat game where you must tap drums at the same time one of the Thumpies lands on it. They bounce back and forth from drum to drum creating a beat. The beat keep building on itself as the level continue. If you don't know what a Thumpie is, it is a creepy little monster than is nothing but a head with a weird little faces...

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The iPad Experience – One Day In

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So I went to bed Friday night not really thinking about getting an iPad, until I woke up Saturday morning at 8:30 and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I went ahead and drove over to the Apple store and got in line. A while later (2 hours) I was walking out with my new iPad. Apple did a great job keeping people happy with free Starbucks, water, donuts, and even a live band (this was at the Indianapolis store)...

Plants vs. Zombies HD Preview for iPad

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One of our favorite games of the 2010 (a 5 out of 5 review), Plants vs. Zombies, makes it way to the iPad at release. Take a look at the information presented by the developer below. A few specific things stand out including a new minigame and updated high resolution graphics. This one is sure to be a sure fire hit as it will even be closer to the PC edition. Feel free to buy this one right away without reading or our upcoming review. I have a feeling this one will be a no-brainer, especially if you haven't already purchased the iPhone/iPod Touch version...

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