Hand of Greed

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A test of reflexes, speed, and hand-eye coordination, Hand of Greed is a vicious game of jewel collecting, as spinning blades, traps, and explosive orbs threaten to keep your grubby hands out of the cookie jar. Loaded with plenty of puzzling timing challenges, this one keeps you coming back for more, as the levels become increasingly difficult, to the point of near frustration. Broken down into five worlds with ten stages for each, Hand of Greed probably isn’t something you’ll be taking down in one sitting...

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ChoKoBlok is a puzzle game that's gameplay has been seen many times before. In fact, if you’ve played a lot of Flash games in the past I’m sure you’ve run into something a lot like this one. The object of the game is to get a rectangular block to fall through a square hole in the game board...

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Honey Pot

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Honey Pot is a game that is very similar to Tetris, but puts a new spin on an old idea. Using the theme of honey and a beehive, the game’s puzzle pieces are shaped a lot like the five or six puzzle pieces that can be found in Tetris, but instead of squares to make the pieces, the developers of Honey Pot used hexagons. This gives the game a unique look that tries to help set Honey Pot apart from being just another Tetris clone...


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Koan is the newest iPhone/iPod Touch game from the same developer that created TheWall, the social networking geo-location app that we at iPhone Gamer Blog raved about. Koan is an addicting time-based puzzler that uses 25 puzzle pieces that kind of look like M&M's. The object of the game is to keep moving and keep refreshing your time, while trying for a higher score...

Flood-It! 2 is a Fantastic Freebie!

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It is that time again; time for another guaranteed great game that also happens to be free. We call those games, Fantastic Freebies. We don't waste your time with a review, instead we guarantee they are great! Just read the quick synopsis below and fire up the App Store. It is time for another free download. One that we promise won't be a waste of your time...


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In case you missed it last year, Peggle is a one of a kind iPhone and iPod Touch gaming experience. I have been holding off on the review because I have been trying to think of a way to best describe it. Basically you shoot a ball out of a cannon towards a series of pegs that as are grouped in a variety of manners...

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Neurosis will keep you busy for hours and hours. There are 100 levels and you will need to replay each level multiple times if you really want to unlock the three secondary goals for each one. Just beware, the secondary goals really are challenging. Puzzle games are ubiquitous on the App Store but this one really stands out from the rest...

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