Google’s Android OS Running on Apple’s iPhone 2G

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The guy in the video below has successfully hacked the Apple to allow the Android OS to run on his old iPhone 2G. One of the coolest things about the video is that he is able to boot into either Android or the normal iPhone OS. While the Android system doesn't run super fast, honestly it's amazing that it runs at all...

iPhone 4G is Biggest Loser in War of Apple’s OS 4 vs. Adobe’s Flash

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Adobe has given up trying to create Flash support for the iPhone OS. Apple’s SDK(the kit developers use to make apps and games) is and has been anti-Flash. However, Adobe did develop a way to create an iPhone app or game using Flash and then convert the program to use iPhone OS coding. This is called cross-compiling...

Honey Pot

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Honey Pot is a game that is very similar to Tetris, but puts a new spin on an old idea. Using the theme of honey and a beehive, the game’s puzzle pieces are shaped a lot like the five or six puzzle pieces that can be found in Tetris, but instead of squares to make the pieces, the developers of Honey Pot used hexagons. This gives the game a unique look that tries to help set Honey Pot apart from being just another Tetris clone...

iPhone HD – So Your Telling Me There’s a Flash

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How ridiculous is this? The iPhone HD was found 2 months before its likely release by someone who sold it to Gizmodo. Despite having the mythical phone in their possession for a good 2 days, we know very little of the actual device other than its design and added camera. How bad does it suck that whoever found the phone didn’t actually take a video of the device while it still worked?

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How to Train Your Dragon

By |2011-07-10T23:13:57-05:00April 25, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

DreamWorks, with lots of help from Glu Mobile, has created an iPhone/iPod Touch game to go along with their new movie, How to Train your Dragon. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't tell you how similar or different the game is from the movie. But, I can tell you that the game is a lot of fun...

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Aefo Alfie

By |2011-07-10T23:14:02-05:00April 25, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Aefo Alfie is a, iPhone and iPod Touch clone of Where's Waldo. That being said, there are some differences between the two. First, the developers found an even more unique name (Aefo) than Waldo. Secondly, Aefo is located in specific tourist locations across the world. All of which have very nice background art but overall the experience falls well flat of anything that resembles fun...

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