Apple’s iPad – 4 Things I Would Love to Not Hate

By |2010-04-13T06:32:09-05:00April 13, 2010|Features|

So if you've read my previous iPad articles you know that for the most part, I am a big fan of the iPad. In fact, it has replaced my Asus netbook altogether. With that said, there are a few things that are starting to bother me ranging from old standby issues like it’s lack of Adobe Flash to new concerns that have just started cropping up after using it for a week or so...

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

By |2011-07-10T23:14:37-05:00April 12, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 may be 10 years old but it is still as fresh today as it was then. I remember playing this game with a joy pad on my PC for literally hours as a time. Every last thing has been reproduced in this iPhone/iPod Touch version from the graphics down to the same Punk/Ska/Rap music that was used upon initial release. Suffice to say, this all leads to one conclusion. It's good...

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Parcel Panic HD

By |2011-07-10T23:32:58-05:00April 8, 2010|iPad Reviews|

If you already have Parcel Panic for your iPhone or iPod, and you decided to buy an iPad, then guess what!? You get Parcel Panic HD for free. Just sync up your new iPad with the same computer you sync your iPhone then update the app on your iPad. This is a fantastic move by the developer and one that we would really like to see other developers adopt...

Crap of Defense

By |2011-07-10T23:14:47-05:00April 7, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Crap of Defense is a shooter based war game where you control a tank and try to eliminate the enemy by firing your tank into the marching soldiers. There are three difficulties; rookie, soldier, and badass. Each of those difficulties has 24 levels. At the beginning of each level there is an “Operation” menu that explains the upcoming level and tells you how many enemies you need to kill and how many you can miss....

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Flood-It! 2 is a Fantastic Freebie!

By |2010-04-14T09:45:04-05:00April 7, 2010|Fantastic Freebie|

It is that time again; time for another guaranteed great game that also happens to be free. We call those games, Fantastic Freebies. We don't waste your time with a review, instead we guarantee they are great! Just read the quick synopsis below and fire up the App Store. It is time for another free download. One that we promise won't be a waste of your time...

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