Tunnel Shoot

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Tunnel Shoot, a joint effort from Backflip Studios and Team Phobic, takes you on a fast paced space ride through a tunnel. The only way to make it out alive is to battle your way through the endless swarm of enemies in your way. Strike that, you can’t really make it out alive. You just keep going until you eventually lose. Nevertheless, the end result is all about the journey. This journey is a bit of a hit and miss...

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Beast Flyers

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Beast Flyers is an action RPG where the object of the game is to gather the shattered pieces of the Crystal of Eternal Aura. The problem is that when the crystal broke, the animal spirits of energy escaped. As a Beast Flyer, your responsibility is to fight the evil spirits and collect the crystal pieces...

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Confirmed: Verizon to get the iPhone 4 – AT&T Grasps at Straws

By |2010-06-30T13:56:03-05:00June 30, 2010|Features|

Business Week and USA Today are just two of the news sources that are reporting that Verizon will be getting the new iPhone as soon as January. When the iPhone launches Verizon, dropped calls will be gone and left handed people will rejoice...

Constantly Dropping Calls on My iPhone 4…This Sucks

By |2010-06-30T09:59:49-05:00June 30, 2010|Features|

I wanted to give you an update to what I wrote about the other day about the iPhone 4. Yesterday, I had to do some real work. That meant using my brand spanking new iPhone to make and receive several calls throughout the afternoon. After writing that I hadn't dropped any calls at all in that feature piece...

Slap Word

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Slap Word is basically an 11 level word search game without rules when it comes to making a word. You can go forward, backwards, and diagonal. This is starting to sound like the Wonkavator (Editor: For those not in the know, that’s Willy Wonka’s magical elevator). You can go in any direction at any time as long as the letters are connected (this isn’t entirely true but for the sake of the game it is). You can even jump over letters you have already used. It’s honestly a no holds barred word search game...

Syd Sym

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I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t really get this game. I’ve been playing it for over an hour nonstop and I just don’t get it. The object of the game, I think, is to organize candy in specific patterns. Symmetry plays a role as well but I’m not sure how. Do I organize the candy by type and try to keep the board symmetrical or do I mix and match the candy to come up with elaborate patterns?

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Down 4 the Count

By |2011-07-10T23:08:18-05:00June 30, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Jab. Jab. Hook. Boxing games have always been around but most have been a swing and a miss, pun intended. Down 4 the Count, from the developers at Astraware, is not one of those games. With style that is similar to the best boxing game of all time, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, but also superb controls and gameplay, Down 4 the Count is a hit. Yes, also intended...

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