Asplosion! HD

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Asplosion! HD is a chain reaction game where you try to explode as many circles as possible. If you have ever heard of a game called Boomshine, it is a lot like that.  However, Asplosion! HD takes the chain reaction game to the next level by adding differently types of projectiles with different circles...

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Apple’s iPhone 4 is $199 – Includes 4G, 2 Cameras, 720p HD Video

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The new phone is totally redesigned. It is 24% thinner than the iPhone 3Gs. It is the thinnest smart phone on the market. Apple has used the new design to take the communication capabilities to the next level by using the metal band around the phone as an integrated antenna system for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, UMTS (4G technology), and GSM...

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Report: The Word from Apple, Steve Jobs, iPhone HD at WWDC

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And God looked down on us and smiled...the WWDC keynote is here and Steve Jobs is at the helm (That first statement was mostly made sarcastically). That being said, this is the day Apple fans and Apple haters alike have been looking forward to for the last 6 months. In a recent poll I saw, 98% of you out there believe a new iPhone will be announced during Jobs...

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Who remembers the Super Nintendo and arcade classic, F-Zero? This is what immediately bubbled up from my childhood memories as soon as I started playing Phaze, which expands upon the futuristic racing title with fast paced action along curvy tracks while snatching power ups and battling against rivals to capture first place. Fire missiles, drop bombs, and hit boosts to reach blistering speeds capable of making your eyes tear...


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Sorter is a fast paced puzzle game where you must drag colored disks to their matching color corral. It sounds really easy doesn’t it? It’s not. As soon as you think you’ve got the hang of it, you make a mental mistake and drag a red disk into the blue corral...

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Tunes Attack!

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Tunes Attack! is a, you guessed it, music based top to bottom scrolling game that uses your music from your own library. The music affects the speed and amount of obstacles for each level. There are three mini games that make up Tunes Attack!, and you can either play them one at a time or play the Career Mode which incorporates all three of them...

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Fantasy Date

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Fantasy Date is an odd one. Basically it is a game that revolves around a subject that App Store developers can never really deliver to you on your iPhone; sex. At the end of a date, you leave without getting what you knew you couldn’t have all along. When it doesn’t happen, it’s a bit disappointing but the ride to the end isn’t too bad if you’re into pretty girls, dating shows or just enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek humor...

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