Bio Army

By |2011-07-10T23:11:27-05:00May 28, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Yes, believe it or not, we are all about to enter the world of another tower defense style strategy game. For some reason, a stupefying amount of these games keep popping up around the iPhone gaming market, each with unique themes, weapons, and villains. Utilizing a number of twists and turns, each developer strives to strike gold with the next successful title, and Bio Army appears to be on the right path...

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Shifting Sands

By |2011-07-10T23:11:31-05:00May 27, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Welcome to Shifting Sands, a puzzle title which resembles those wooden labyrinth marble games you might have enjoyed as a kid. You’re character and tour guide through these mazes is in fact Shifting Sand, a mustardy yellow splotch with googly eyes and an expressionless mouth. Although not without its quirks, LagMac Studio created a basic, yet somewhat entertaining title...

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Mobigame’s Edge

By |2011-07-10T23:11:47-05:00May 24, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Games like Edge are few and far between. The idea is fairly simplistic but the implementation is extremely well done. In Edge you move a box through a series of platforms trying to get to a final destination point. Upon the way you will have to maneuver your three dimensional box through moving platforms, trap doors, platforms that fall apart after you roll on top of them and more. As you get further into the game, each level becomes more complex and thus, more challenging...

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Bird Strike

By |2011-07-10T23:11:52-05:00May 20, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Bird Strike is yet another one of the Up and Up genre of games that are so popular on the iPhone and iPod Touch platform. In the same vein as Doodle Jump, your job is to take the exceptionally cute sounding and looking Gerald (a blue bird) up as high as you can. Unlike Doodle Jump which has only one game mode, Bird Strike has two and each have a different gameplay mechanic...

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Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!

By |2011-07-10T23:11:58-05:00May 18, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Sneakily climbing up trees, jumping stealthily past obstacles and collecting power-ups that steadily move you higher and higher is what Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! is all about. As a ninja, it is your responsibility to climb endlessly until you can climb no more. Very much in the same vein as Doodle Jump and BirdStrike...

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