JellyCar 2

By |2011-07-10T23:32:44-05:00April 15, 2010|iPad Reviews|

JellyCar 2 is out for the iPad! It is no secret about how awesome the JellyCar games have been and JellyCar 2 for the iPad is the appropriate next step to keep the series moving forward. It is worth mentioning that this is not a full review of JellyCar 2. Instead we review the changes and improvements that have been made to the iPad version over the original iPhone/iPod Touch version...


By |2011-07-10T23:15:36-05:00March 22, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

In case you missed it last year, Peggle is a one of a kind iPhone and iPod Touch gaming experience. I have been holding off on the review because I have been trying to think of a way to best describe it. Basically you shoot a ball out of a cannon towards a series of pegs that as are grouped in a variety of manners...

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Transformers: G1 Awakening

By |2011-07-10T23:15:41-05:00March 19, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and David the Gnome pretty much sums up the cartoons I grew up on. And yes, I did (do) have Transformers bed sheets. So when I got a chance to review the new Transformers game for the iPhone and iPod Touch I jumped all over it. When I first downloaded the game I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t really read anything about it or even seen any screenshots...

Ragdoll Blaster 2

By |2011-07-11T00:36:27-05:00March 8, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Ragdoll Blaster 2 is the iPhone/iPod Touch follow up to iPhone Gamer Blog’s 2009 Game of the Year, Ragdoll Blaster. Suffice to say, there was a tremendous amount of interest in the sequel on our team. Every screenshot, every blip of news that came out, we were all over it. When the game officially came out on March 1st, it was like Christmas morning...

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Guerrilla Bob

By |2011-07-10T23:17:34-05:00February 24, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

For better or worse, most of Guerrilla Bob is a throwback to the golden years of arcade shooters. The good includes some nice humor and quick gameplay. Unfortunately some of the bad stuff from the old days has been thrown in as well; Over-used voice samples and re-used locations and graphics. You'll definitely have fun...

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