Super Streaker Pro

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It’s rare that a title bursts into our lives which is so outrageously offensive that it just might be unbelievably entertaining. The World Cup is in full swing, and as the international community celebrates their unifying pastime, many developers are creating intricate, imaginative soccer games in an attempt to capitalize on the epic event. What does Nemoid Studios do? They piece together a completely insane game featuring a deranged, naked fan whose ultimate goal is to slaughter players and security guards with an arsenal of wild weapon choices...

Tunnel Shoot

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Tunnel Shoot, a joint effort from Backflip Studios and Team Phobic, takes you on a fast paced space ride through a tunnel. The only way to make it out alive is to battle your way through the endless swarm of enemies in your way. Strike that, you can’t really make it out alive. You just keep going until you eventually lose. Nevertheless, the end result is all about the journey. This journey is a bit of a hit and miss...

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Slap Word

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Slap Word is basically an 11 level word search game without rules when it comes to making a word. You can go forward, backwards, and diagonal. This is starting to sound like the Wonkavator (Editor: For those not in the know, that’s Willy Wonka’s magical elevator). You can go in any direction at any time as long as the letters are connected (this isn’t entirely true but for the sake of the game it is). You can even jump over letters you have already used. It’s honestly a no holds barred word search game...

Football Agent

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Soccer games seem ubiquitous during this year’s World Cup. However, it may just be because it’s the world’s most popular sport. This game comes to us with a bit of a different take than the others we have reviewed. In fact, Football Agent could just as well be called stock market trader or baseball agent. Though it has a soccer motif, it’s really about buying low and selling high and doing so as fast as possible. I like the idea of the game but as someone that lives for the details, I was disappointed in how few there are...

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Rocket Racing League

By |2011-07-10T23:08:34-05:00June 23, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Inspired by the real life group of mobile racing enthusiasts, Rocket Racing League straps players into a virtual unmanned racing unit for a wild series of twists, turns, and breakneck speeds. A departure from the futuristic and wartime dog fighting titles, this is built around more traditional racing modes such as arcade, drag, and laps. With gorgeous 3D backdrops and a pulsating soundtrack, Rocket Racing League is tough to beat for the next best high powered issue in speedy competition...


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Jake is known throughout the god-fearing world as what game they have to play when they are bad. Or at least it should be. While the basic gameplay itself isn't too offensive, albeit extremely repetitive, the sound as well as the lack of any innovation causes this game to be more annoying than fun...

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Mr. Kubus

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I’m not sure I've ever seen an iPhone/iPod Touch game like Mr. Kubus before and if I have then it obviously didn’t leave an impact. This 2D left to right scroller is a mix between a puzzler and a strategy game. The object of the game is to reach the finish line with as many red hearts as possible. As you move through the level you can gather hearts, and also lose them by running into obstacles...

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