Ping Ping

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Ping Ping is kind of like bar room shuffleboard. Have you ever played it? The idea is that you slide several puck-like objects across a long piece of wood trying to land it in your competitor’s area. The difference in Ping Ping is that instead of trying to land it in a certain area of the board, you are trying to knock your opponent’s pucks off the board entirely. That would all be fine and good if it wasn't for one thing - it's incredibly boring to play the computer...

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King’s Cup HD: Party Edition

By |2011-07-10T23:30:51-05:00July 21, 2010|iPad Reviews|

When I first got the email asking me to review King’s Cup I honestly didn’t think it would be THAT King’s, you know the drinking game. I figured it was a dungeon game where you play as a king and you are on a quest to recover the Holy Grail. Nope, it’s the drinking game. As college grad and a beer drinker I am all too familiar with the King’s game. If you cannot be described as a beer drinker then this game and this review are certainly not intended for you...

Gravity Block

By |2011-07-10T23:30:56-05:00July 20, 2010|iPad Reviews|

Have you ever played a game that you’ve never heard of before loading it up? At iPhone Gamer Blog we do that all of the time, but usually the game that we are reviewing has some familiarity, meaning we have played a game or two that is similar. I’ve been trying to think of a game that I’ve played that is similar to Gravity Block HD and I can’t, and I have to say, I like it...

The Old Course

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Alright, so you’re searching for the latest golf game with just the right amount of realism, but not so mind bogglingly complicated you feel as if you’re actually standing under the burning sun at some course you paid far too much for the privilege to play on. If you play one more round of Wii Golf you might lose your mind, and purchasing the latest Tiger Woods title just sounds unsavory on more levels than one. Welcome in The Old Course with open arms, a golf game which seems to understand the delicate balance between realism and obnoxiousness...

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Doodle God

By |2011-07-10T23:07:03-05:00July 8, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Doodle God manages to be unique, mesmerizing and wonderful. It takes such a simple concept and expands upon it until it really is a must buy game. What makes Doodle God so good? It’s certainly not the Doodle moniker which really has nothing at all to do with any other Doodle-type game you have played in the past. It’s certainly not that it is yet another puzzle game in the vast array already available on the App Store. It really boils down to how it makes you feel when you play and that feeling is worth chasing...

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By |2011-07-10T23:07:35-05:00July 6, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Having played a lot of games on the iPhone and iPod Touch, I am always surprised when I find a game that can be entirely unique and stand out from the crowd. Bowmaster meets both criteria and left me wondering why no developer had thought of a game like it before. Nevertheless, iOccam has come up with a great idea and better yet, delivers an excellent game...

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